Slave has to lick street dirt and spit

I've worn these ankle boots for so long - and in so many places - they definitely need a proper cleaning! I've been on vacation recently and not only wore these boots in streets, malls, restaurants, airports and even some toilets - I don't even want to imagine what kinds of dirt are sticking to the soles now. I order the loser to lick them clean and despite the disgust he starts licking the dirty soles immediately. To humiliate this loser even more, I spit into his face in between - and I also spit on the boots a few times and order him to lick the spit from my boots as well! This pathetic creature has to lick every square inch of my boots, top and sole, until they're completely clean again!

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Slave has to lick street dirt and spit Slave has to lick street dirt and spit Reviewed by femdom school girl and futanari on October 27, 2021 Rating: 5

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