foot fetish and crushing your face

 We have all been out enjoying a beautiful day, and we took off our shoes. Of course our feet got exceptionally dirty. We particularly wanted to keep them that way until we arrived back. Our two slaves are waiting to assist us in cleaning our feet. We use one of them as our human table to support our feet. While the other one has the honor of licking clean ALL our feet. If he does a good job we may reward him, or perhaps just punish him anyway. He moves from one to the other using that tongue of his, and we humiliate and torment him. We also get a bottle of soap, to make sure his tongue is perfectly clean. After some inspection, we decide to dry our feet. So we pull his T-shirt over his head and smother him while drying our feet. What a blast, and from now on our bitch of a slave will be known as The Cleaner?
foot fetish

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MISTRESS GAIA - THE CLEANER - HD MISTRESS GAIA - THE CLEANER - HD Reviewed by femdom school girl and futanari on December 16, 2021 Rating: 5

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